Dear CREAgeous Friend,
IN 8 DAYS it’s the Winter Solstice!….

What does this mean?  Firstly, it’s an opportunity to honor the darkness and the stillness within and without, while celebrating our connection to the Earth and the return of the light!                     In literal terms the winter solstice lasts for just one moment on Wed Dec. 21st and it occurs exactly when the Earth’s axial tilt is farthest away from the sun.  This means it is the shortest day and longest night of the year.  After this moment the days begin to lengthen and the light begins to return to us in the form of longer days of sunlight.  YAY!  I think most of us celebrate this (if not all of us!).

In ancient cultures around the globe, the winter solstice was marked with ceremonies and celebrations.  The birth of a divine child and savior at the winter solstice has also formed a central part of spiritual beliefs through the world since the beginning of history.  In ancient Egypt as the birth of Horus, the birth of Mithras in Persia, the birth of Jesus at Christmas, the birth of the divine son of the Druids, etc…These celebrations have tapped into a universal spiritual principle that is just as relevant now as it was then.  (Who knew!?….the things I learn as I write these newsletters!)

I believe these celebrations at the solstice speak to us of the mysterious and universal understanding of the unique human ability for spiritual transformation and personal growth.  All things which come into being must first be born.
I love this symbolism of the winter solstice as a celebration of being “born again”….not in flesh but in spirit….the birth or re-birth of a light within us.  Each of us is full of latent potential that lies dormant like a seed.  We can live asleep and in the darkness to this potential or we can choose to bring light and growth to our Selves, our Souls.

This is the time of year when we can gather our intentions for what it is we want to shed from the past and what we want to create for our future….
from darkness to light….from holding and grasping to letting go and moving forward.

Let us each use the energy of the sun to shed light on what is asking for change and transformation within us.  Let the creative process which gives birth to the universe and its cycles also give birth within you to all you long for!

My wish for you this season is that the seed within you gets the light it needs to grow and flourish!


and PS….
remember that a supportive community awaits you at CREAgeous Living!…
for you to explore the growth you want for yourself/your life….


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