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Dear CREAgeous Ones,

Spring has fully sprung….the flowers have crept up through the dark earth and shown themselves, the leaves are in full bloom, the scent of the lilacs is wafting in the window with every breeze and the birds are singing with abandon!

Mother’s Day is around the corner and it has gotten me thinking about self-care and self-nurturing.  After childhood has passed it is our own responsibility to care for ourselves which is not always an easy task but one that is essential to living a creageous life! …. meaning a life where we courageously following our intuition, creativity, and desires.

It can be a radical act to truly go for what we desire.  Yet how can we really be taking care of ourselves if we are not listening to our deepest desires?  We have to stop putting others before us and prioritize radical self-care…which in my book means listening to those whispers of the soul.  When we allow ourselves free reign to tune in to our desires we make space for our intuition to speak and creative solutions appear.  Yes!  It really is that simple.

I challenge you to begin a Desire List…write it all down….All the dreams and desires you have, no matter how fanciful (or so you think)….

From this place of owning what you want, what you truly desire, you can begin making different choices that lead you to a life of true fulfillment!

Share with me your desires…I dare you!

with love,


p.s. – as I don’t ask of you what I am not willing to do myself…..
here is one of my desires….
– to spend 3 weeks in France next June to celebrate a big birthday!!! –


Spring into PLEASURE!


Dear CREAgeous Ones,


How much PLEASURE do you allow into your life?
Do you ever ask yourself “What is my PLEASURE today?

I’ve been talking about and exploring the idea and experience of pleasure in life
and I’ve come to a conclusion.  Pleasure is not something we fully allow ourselves very much.  I don’t even think we often allow ourselves to ask ourselves what we truly Desire…which would of course lead to pleasure.  

So why are we a culture that on one hand promotes pleasure in a capitalist sort of way…….go buy this or do this and it will make you happy, and yet on another profound level we are not encouraged to go deep inside and explore our deepest sources of pleasure….a remnant of those puritans perhaps?

But more importantly than the why is the what!  What gives you PLEASURE?
…and why shouldn’t you have more of it?!

For me being in Nature is always a Pleasure.  Yesterday I went out for an early morning walk.  At first I was all stuck in my head about this and that and then I expanded my awareness to all that was around me and I remembered….AH HAAA!  I go for walks because I love connecting to nature and noticing the seasons changing.  I began to take pictures of all the little bits of greenery that were beginning to appear and pleasure and fun began flooding through me!!!

I also love going for walks along the Hudson because I find great pieces of wood to use in my art work.  I found a lot of treasures yesterday once I go out of my head and into allowing myself the pleasure of being outdoors!


I challenge you to ask yourself this and follow your
inner callings for a day.  Begin the day by sitting quietly and writing a list of all that you can think of that gives you pleasure.  Then go out into your day and see how much pleasure you can incorporate into your routine…however small or large!


….and report back to me!!!  I want to hear about what you discover.

with warmth and love,



I’m Committed!


Dear CREAgeous Friends,

I am boldly stating….
“I am Committed”…
“I am committed to YOU!”
“I am committed to my work in the world!”
“I am committed to follow-through!”

I am RE-committing actually
because I have let myself down…
…and you!
I had promised last year to be in communication with you,
through my newsletter, at least twice a month….
which I did until this year!
This is only my second newsletter and it’s past the middle of February!  OH, MY!
Last year providence did move when I fully committed…
my creative ideas multiplied, opportunities presented themselves and my practice grew.


Stating an intention/committment “out loud”
is always powerful….

Send me an email and tell me what your commitment is!
I would be honored to be your witness!

Be Well!



Mysterious Messages


Dear CREAgeous Friends,

I receive a mysterious and meaningful message in my inbox every morning from  The OZ behind the message is a man by the name of Mike Dooley.  I like receiving these messages because they help to remind me that there is something greater at work in this world beyond my own limited self who so often gets stuck in limited thinking of all kinds!

Replace your name with mine, read the message & allow it to really sink in!

You are the greatest, Cynthia (Nancy, Janice, Kathy etc.!).

You are the best and the coolest.

You surprise us every single day.

This is not a test.

Do not adjust your settings.

You have nothing to prove.

There’s no one to thank but yourself.

The rest of the day, and your life, are on me.

The Universe

We are all unfolding…All Of The Time… whether we know it or not we are uncovering our wintery layers that keep us shut down,
stressed out, not as open-hearted as we’d like.

The stillness of winter can help facilitate this unfolding, if we let it.
Give yourself permission to escape from the busyness once a day
if only for 5 minutes….sit quietly, listen to your breath and feel it fill your body and release and let go on each out breath….each time you find yourself in “thinking” just be aware and return to your breath.
We all are seeking inner peace and believe it or not….
this practice can radically change your life!

As the Dalai Lama says,

 “We need to encourage an understanding

that inner peace comes from relying on human values

like love, compassion, tolerance, and honesty

and peace in the world

relies on individuals finding inner peace.”

Let us each do our part in finding our own inner peace so that we may each be instruments of bringing that out into our greater world.

May your unfolding bring you peace and joy
and to those you love and serve in 2017.

with Love,



SUNDAY FEBRUARY 18TH – 12:30 to 4:30

Too busy to take an afternoon for yourself?   Then this is just the workshop for you!!!

How do we find peace within when our lives are so busy and overwhelming?
How do we find balance when there is so much going on in our outside lives.
The answer lies in going within & locating your Self and the quiet, still creativity that resides there and has messages and answers for you.

Going within entails giving yourself time with yourself:  this can be in meditation, a warm bath with candlelight, quiet walks in nature, creative activity…anything that connects you to your deepest essence and from this place of quiet stillness self-understanding and answers emerge.

In this workshop I’m offering you the opportunity to unplug for 4 hours, to still your mind and create from your soul through SoulCollage®.

SoulCollage® is a unique blend of the fun collage-ing and self-discovery.  You will receive an overview of the SoulCollage® process and the four suits, ample time for finding images and cardmaking, plus lots of resources to take home.  You’ll treasure each one of your cards because each one is a reflection of your multi-faceted self!

No artistic experience is necessary; all you need is a willingness to go within.



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