I welcome you to CREAgeous Living!  I believe art and creativity offer a way of understanding ourselves that brings deeper fulfillment and connection with our place in the world.  Being in the flow of our most creative selves heals!

Women are often taught that the shoulds and ought-to’s are more important than our own wishes, desires, voices and our own inner knowing.  I guide women to listen to their own deepest selves so they may live their most full and creative life.

We all possess the power to live from our deepest wisdom.  I offer methods, techniques, and guided explorations for wisely and playfully exploring your deepest self.  These include Personal Coaching, Counseling, Groups, Retreats, SoulCollage, and other forms of Active Self Expression – whatever works for you.

As you explore, you will feel yourself beginning to harness the power within to fearlessly and boldly bring forth your essence. Our wildest, most-knowing selves rise from this source, allowing us to become the people we’ve always wanted to be.

When we open to the flow, we receive instruction from our deepest intuition that shows us how to live a life of freedom, joyful self-expression, and pure authenticity.



CREATING a life of Courageous and Outrageous Adventure, Fulfillment, Wonder & Abundance

LIVING from your “Center”

BEING AUTHENTIC and Self-Expressed: no hiding in the shadows

OWNING your Power

EXPRESSING & creating from your own deepest wisdom

HAVING the WILLINGNESS to persevere in all that you do and all that you want

EMBODYING the Courage to step out of small Self and into the experience of your big, Full Self

TRUSTING in the unknown

LETTING GO into the FLOW of Creativity.

DAUNTLESSLY facing fear, grief, loneliness, despair, doubt, shame, woundedness, all the mess & muck…and taking action anyway

KNOWING…really knowing the answers lie within you

BEING Fully Present in this moment

ALLOWING for magical moments of transcendence through all your senses:

the sweet taste of longing on your tongue,

the power of your breath emerging through the energy of a brush or pen stroke,

the smell of the worlds you inhabit,

the seeing of what is directly in front of you and

the sounds of your wisdom’s whisperings….

If these are your LONGINGS…..

CREAgeous Living! is for you.


I Empower, Support, and Guide Women Through All Stages Of Life

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