Cynthia Shaw M.A., LMHC

I believe art and creativity offer a way of understanding ourselves and our place in the world that goes deeper than words, offering richer insight and deeper self-knowledge. We are all creative and can access this place inside ourselves.  I know being in the flow of our most creative selves heals.  Women are often taught that all the voices outside telling us the shoulds and ought-to’s, are more important than our own wishes, our own desires, our own Voices, and our own Knowing! 

I work with you to discover and strengthen what lies within you and guide you towards having the life you desire.

We all yearn for deeper fulfillment in life and the secret to achieving this is that all the answers lie within us!

I empower women to attend to and honor their wildest dreams and heart-felt longings by guiding them into their most authentic and creative selves…thus accessing the source of their deepest wisdom.

I offer the Space (the studio),

            the Time (individual sessions),

            the Relationship (my professional coaching and counseling),

            the Connection (to your deepest self).

Under Cynthia’s gentle guidance I was able to shift from a place of stuckness to one of ease and flow.  The balance of conversation with left brain and creative exercises really enhanced our work together.


I Empower & Support Women & Men Through All Stages of Life!

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