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Artist, creative workshop and group facilitator, and founder of CREAgeous Living!

Art and creativity give me ways of understanding myself and my place in the world.  Being in the flow of my creative self offers me access to Insight, Inspiration and Healing and as you will see from my collages/assemblages, these are often the themes revealed in my work.  Creating art allows me to be fully present to each moment….moving beyond my inner critic and into my deepest knowing…..it is my meditation.

I create art because it is an inner imperative!

I often long to express what is deeper than words.  The juncture of Self and Art is just the place to find such richness.  My creativity is about process…being with myself and the life around me in an intimate way – a nonverbal, nonlinear, intuitive way to access unconscious depths and insights.  Art-making is a meditative and spiritual practice and as a result my work is one part visual memoir and one part conversation about the questions of life, our journey here, and the beauty of the world around and within us.

As an artist, I am drawn to creating wholeness out of disparate parts; some “beautiful” and some perhaps considered “junk.” I enjoy creating mixed media collage and assemblage that draw the attention to the subtle beauty all around us…color, texture, a rusted nail, the wing of a cicada, an old stamp or scrap of Japanese paper.  I believe that because of the busyness of our lives it is essential to pause and take in the world’s gifts; great and small.  My intention and hope is for the viewer to look at my pieces from afar and see a balanced and intriguing design that draws them closer to “feel” the colors, textures, and the wonder of their intimacy and complexity.  My greatest pleasure is to evoke an “Ahh Haa” moment for someone…an emotional experience of connection, understanding, pleasure, and of attention to the details of Life and to This Moment.


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