Dear CREAgeous Ones,

Spring has fully sprung….the flowers have crept up through the dark earth and shown themselves, the leaves are in full bloom, the scent of the lilacs is wafting in the window with every breeze and the birds are singing with abandon!

Mother’s Day is around the corner and it has gotten me thinking about self-care and self-nurturing.  After childhood has passed it is our own responsibility to care for ourselves which is not always an easy task but one that is essential to living a creageous life! …. meaning a life where we courageously following our intuition, creativity, and desires.

It can be a radical act to truly go for what we desire.  Yet how can we really be taking care of ourselves if we are not listening to our deepest desires?  We have to stop putting others before us and prioritize radical self-care…which in my book means listening to those whispers of the soul.  When we allow ourselves free reign to tune in to our desires we make space for our intuition to speak and creative solutions appear.  Yes!  It really is that simple.

I challenge you to begin a Desire List…write it all down….All the dreams and desires you have, no matter how fanciful (or so you think)….

From this place of owning what you want, what you truly desire, you can begin making different choices that lead you to a life of true fulfillment!

Share with me your desires…I dare you!

with love,


p.s. – as I don’t ask of you what I am not willing to do myself…..
here is one of my desires….
– to spend 3 weeks in France next June to celebrate a big birthday!!! –


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