Cynthia Shaw M.A., LMHC


Specializing in Women’s Reproductive Mental Health


A woman’s reproductive years, from the beginning of menses to menopause, are years of changes and transitions in a woman’s life. Pregnancy and motherhood can be among a woman’s most precious experiences.  Yet sometimes conflicting feelings about mothering can arise, causing confusion, guilt, embarrassment, even shame.  And in the cases of miscarriage or infertility there may be loneliness, grief or despair.  As a woman approaches menopause, other feelings and concerns become important, sometimes painful. You do not have to bear these emotional struggles alone. Having a place to explore and understand all these stages, transitions, and feelings can help.


Mothercare Offers:

Individual & group therapy for women who are concerned with:

  • infertility
  • adoption
  • prenatal issues
  • miscarriage
  • traumatic birth experience
  • postpartum adjustment
  • infant or child illness or disability
  • “baby blues”
  • postpartum depression
  • severe PMS
  • Menopause adjustment
  • general issues of mothering babies and children
  • generalized anxiety and depression

Cynthia’s warmth and knowledge led me from a place of struggle to one of renewed joy and opportunity!


I Support Women Through All Stages Of Their Reproductive Lives!

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