The SoulCollage® Gallery

These SoulCollage® cards with their “I Am The One Who…” statements were created by Cynthia Shaw and have been arranged to illustrate the SoulCollage suits.

SoulCollage® cards are made for personal use only and are not for sale or barter. The images borrowed from other artists are held with great respect and gratitude.

Transpersonal Suit

                      The Source

Transpersonal Source Card


The Soul Essence

Transpersonal SOUL ESSENCE card


                    The Witness

Transpersonal WITNESS card


Committee Suit

                     Happy Girl

Committee Card Happy Girl

I Am The One Who is a happy child and filled with joy and wonder. I embrace life fully and surround myself with color and pattern. I bring my aliveness to all that I do. I love to laugh.

              Unfurling Woman

Committee Card unfurling dance woman

I Am The One Who allows myself to unfurl as I dance joyfully in the sun. I am born anew everyday. I am fresh and green and thrive in nature. I am on the move and am deeply grounded in my body.

                      Letting Go

Committee Card Letting Go

I Am The One Who totally lets go and allows myself to float with the flow of life. I am serene and surrendered. I am in full Being-ness.

Community Suit



Community Dale Card

I Am The One Who is an artist and a therapist. I am your mentor and midwife to your artistic self. I am joyful and love to laugh and see life as a grand adventure.


Community Lally Card

I Am The One Who is your French grandmother and matriarch of the family. I am a woman of great distinction and strength. I have lived through much change in my life with class and power. I am love.


Community Daisy card

I Am The One Who was your pet.  I embodied spirit and energy. I loved to play and be loved. Running outside was one of my favorite activities. I am your guide.

Companion Suit


               1st Chakra – Moth

Companion 1st Chakra - moth

I Am The One Who lives in the dark but constantly flutters toward the light. I am mystery and dreams and psychic awareness. I help you navigate through the darkest hours of your life using your deepest inner knowing.

            2nd Chakra – Snake

Companion 2ND CHAKRA Snake

I Am The One Who curls within you ready to come to life. I bring you balance and rebirth with the shedding of my skin. I also give you assertive power and awaken spiritual dimensions within you.


              4th Chakra – Dove

Companion 4TH CHAKRA HEART Dove

I Am The One Who brings you nurturing and care. I am love, purity, and peace. I bring you messages from celestial realms.

Council Suit


                    The Maiden

Council Maiden

I Am The One Who is innocent and virginal. I embody the purity and innocence of childhood. I can be self-centered but also help you to be in touch with your childhood intuition and fantasies and use these to fulfill your dreams. I am always here to remind you to look after the magical child that lies within you.

           The Warrior Woman

Council Warrior Woman

I Am The One Who fights for you.  I stand up for my beliefs and personify the strong woman. I burn with passion and power.  I am unafraid. I stand up for you in all matters. I am queen of the jungle of life.

                       The Seeker

Council Seeker

I Am The One Who is a seeker.  I seek and long for the depth of life. I am always looking towards the light for answers. I am unwavering in my faith and perseverance. I am of earth and spirit.


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