Dear CREAgeous Ones,


How much PLEASURE do you allow into your life?
Do you ever ask yourself “What is my PLEASURE today?

I’ve been talking about and exploring the idea and experience of pleasure in life
and I’ve come to a conclusion.  Pleasure is not something we fully allow ourselves very much.  I don’t even think we often allow ourselves to ask ourselves what we truly Desire…which would of course lead to pleasure.  

So why are we a culture that on one hand promotes pleasure in a capitalist sort of way…….go buy this or do this and it will make you happy, and yet on another profound level we are not encouraged to go deep inside and explore our deepest sources of pleasure….a remnant of those puritans perhaps?

But more importantly than the why is the what!  What gives you PLEASURE?
…and why shouldn’t you have more of it?!

For me being in Nature is always a Pleasure.  Yesterday I went out for an early morning walk.  At first I was all stuck in my head about this and that and then I expanded my awareness to all that was around me and I remembered….AH HAAA!  I go for walks because I love connecting to nature and noticing the seasons changing.  I began to take pictures of all the little bits of greenery that were beginning to appear and pleasure and fun began flooding through me!!!

I also love going for walks along the Hudson because I find great pieces of wood to use in my art work.  I found a lot of treasures yesterday once I go out of my head and into allowing myself the pleasure of being outdoors!


I challenge you to ask yourself this and follow your
inner callings for a day.  Begin the day by sitting quietly and writing a list of all that you can think of that gives you pleasure.  Then go out into your day and see how much pleasure you can incorporate into your routine…however small or large!


….and report back to me!!!  I want to hear about what you discover.

with warmth and love,



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