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As soon as I left class today I realized I wanted to tell you more about what your class meant to me. It was an awakening. I have been trying to access the creative part of myself that has been dormant for quite some time. I feel a slow unfolding taking place. It feels like an expansion of sorts and at the same time a releasing of things that I need to let go of. It’s a slow and exciting process and I have you to thank for it. Your openness, joy and guidance were just what I needed. I am so grateful.


Cynthia’s leadership and coaching comes from a place that is packed with wisdom….gentle, strong and loving.  She is talented at compassionately helping us pay attention to our struggles without letting us wallow there and also helping us shine our brightest, all the while being respectful of each of us, just as we are.  She has been a masterful midwife of personal creativity, self-knowledge and blossoming.


Cynthia is passionate about what she does, whether it is creating artwork and jewelry, working with clients in her psychology practice, doing SoulCollage® or being a mom.  She brings this passion, creativity and her years of experience into her role as a leader and facilitator.  She has a tangible excitement for what she does and it is contagious!


Cynthia inspires because she is playful, risk-taking, freeing, engaging, honest, open and supportive!


Cynthia’s guidance supports the exploration of my internal landscape using art materials.  Her easy and supportive way of being allows me to become more comfortable with my creative side.  My imagination has more room to breathe. Mistakes, associations, impulses, space and time are free to be.  I think this becomes possible because I sense in Cynthia an allowing that becomes infectious.


Cynthia Shaw leads workshops that are enlightening, useful and build a sense of cohesion among members.  She teaches a process that results in self-awareness and offers a way to explore the self that is enjoyable and productive. She is sensitive, open, organized, prepared, patient and tolerant.


Cynthia has the gifts it takes to facilitate workshops.  Genuine kindness/energy both for giving and receiving.  The backbone to guide the participants and knowing when we might be straying from the focus of our spiritual objectives.  Also, the ability to keep the workshop flowing staying with the agenda of the day.  Making sure everyone is well cared for and has what they need.


Cynthia’s nonjudgmental guidance helped me to stay on track during the workshop without interfering with the creative process.  Many individuals in the group were all given her generous attention and support throughout.  It was a fulfilling experience.  One I would return to.


I love the studio and it’s positive, creative energy of which of course you are the source. I had some fear I would freeze in front of my card with too much self-consciousness but must say it was the contrary. The minute I started choosing images my self-awareness flowed in the most relax, fun,  assured way. Thank you so much for this gift!


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