I can guide you through letting go of what is stuck in your life and into the fullness of
who you want to be.
The happiness and aliveness you have always imagined and long for are waiting for you.

Together...Let’s get you there...

Work with Cynthia

Hello and Welcome,

I am glad you have found your way here. I wonder what brought you here and what are you seeking? Are you ....

  • struggling with more anxiety or depression than you would like?
  • not accomplishing what you want in life and feeling stuck or lost?
  • not satisfied with your relationships or work?
  • at a point in your life where you are ready to discover more of your Self?

I am passionate about guiding people into finding their deepest truths and to uncovering the courage within to move past “stuck” and into “living large”.  I am here to help you access this and into a profoundly healing experience that goes beyond the left brain "talk therapy experience". My integrative approach teaches you to access the powerful wisdom of your body through physical grounding and full embodiment which then frees your creative expression. You will come away from our work with renewed energy and greater success in creating the results you desire in life.

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Working with Cynthia has left an everlasting impact.
My experience felt so safe, natural and organic.
Her warmth, groundedness, and leadership allowed me to explore
and surrender to the unknown with ease.
She has a beautiful ability to hold great vulnerability,
whether in the form of big or small emotional expressions.
Held in her nurturing yet powerful presence,
I have been able to step into my own power in a new way
and this was just what I have been looking for in my life..

- C. M. - Psychologist -


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