What is Core Energetics?

Core Energetics is a dynamic system for personal growth, healing, and transformation and is a therapeutic modality that integrates all aspects of your being; mind, body, emotions, and spirit.  It is a supportive process that empowers you to explore both your past and present issues more deeply than in traditional talk therapy.

As your Core Energetics practitioner, I partner with you to generate a greater awareness of your Self and a deeper mastery of your feelings. Through this unified and holistic process, you take steps on a journey to connect ever more deeply with your Core.

This happens by working together to release defensive patterns that no longer serve and to unblock your innate life force through movement, breath, voice, as well as discussion and analysis. You gain greater understanding of what makes you tick.  This understanding opens up more CHOICES about what you create in your life.

When your energy is blocked, your body and personality suffer. When your energy is flowing, long standing patterns shift and you have more CLARITY, PURPOSE, and PLEASURE.


Our bodies tell our autobiography without words. Every memory, every experience we have lodges itself in the body at the cellular level. We tend to hang on to our histories and create patterns that form and shape our bodies. Then we repeat those patterns in relationship with significant others, at work, and in our social circles.  In Core Energetics we have the opportunity to shift those old stories, to let go of what no longer serves us, and to live from a place of choice.


The center of the map above is our Core, or essence.  This is who we are when we are born.  Pure.  At some point in early life, most people experience some level of trauma, either physical, emotional, psychological or sexual.  When that trauma is suppressed, the lower self develops, where primitive negative reactions are experienced.  But society teaches us to go underground with our genuine feelings.  So we cover our  lower self with a mask.  The mask prevents us from communicating authentically.  In Core Energetics, we learn to penetrate the mask and express the lower self which takes us to our core essence.  It is in this place that we learn who we really are.

Our truest nature is energetic, creative, loving, and open to life and this is what Core Energetics helps you to uncover and reclaim.

Embodied  Mindfulness

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