Cynthia’s ability to “see me” in our work together was extraordinary. She leads with her heart.
Her intuition and her care allowed me to go places I would not otherwise have gone.
She led me to trust the flow of my whole being—not just my mind, but my body and my soul.
From my work with Cynthia, I feel empowered in a way I could not be with just talk therapy.

- L.C. - Core Practitioner -


Cynthia is a skillful midwife of deep change, self-knowing, blossoming and personal creativity.
She is gentle, strong, wise, loving,
talented and is respectful of everyone just as they are.
With great compassion, she has helped me pay attention to and move beyond
my struggles without letting me wallow in them.

 - S.C. - Attorney -


Cynthia's work supports the exploration and growth of my internal landscape.
Her engaging, easy and supportive way of being allows me to become more risk-taking
and more comfortable with my many different sides. My feelings and imagination have more room to breathe.
This becomes possible because I sense in Cynthia an allowing and an honesty that becomes infectious.

- I.S. - Psychotherapist, Businessman, Somatic Experiencing Therapist -


Cynthia is passionate about what she does, whether it is working with clients in her psychology practice,
creating artwork and jewelry, or doing SoulCollage®.

She brings this passion, creativity and her years of experience into her roles as counselor,
agent of positive change, leader and facilitator.

She has a tangible excitement for what she does and it can be contagious!

- S.W. - Health Care Administrator, Artist -


Cynthia Shaw has a gift for creating a space that almost immediately allows you to let go of your inhibitions
and move your feelings and your body fully.

- S.C. - Videographer, Mom -


I just had to tell you how luscious, wonderful and heart filled the "Healing through Movement" evening was for me! 
I truly enjoyed moving, dancing and sharing. We are all "dancers" and you proved that by creating the safe, accepting space for all of us!

-  J.A. - Pilates Instructor  -

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