Healing Through Movement

The “Healing Through Movement” experience brings women together to move, dance, emote, express and share openly in a safe and sacred setting. This is truly “Emotion in Motion”! This 90 minute group experience is designed as a Women’s Healing Circle. A session will always include music, movement/dance and Women’s Circle sharing and a session may include a combination of Journaling, Creative Expression, Guided Meditation, and Inner Reflection.

“Healing Through Movement” gives us the opportunity to dive together into places that we don’t always allow ourselves. As women, we are deeply felt creatures but we often don’t express our full range of emotions for fear of being “too big” or “hurting someone’s feelings”, etc. This movement experience is a safe container created with the express intention of witnessing, honoring and allowing the emergence of our own inner rhythms so that we may support each other to claim our power and truths. We help each other shift our energy and create change… individually and globally.


Embodied  Mindfulness

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