Individual Therapy

In an individual therapy session, we will explore the issues that are blocking the forward momentum of your life. We do this together through any number of modalities tailored to what works for you. I bring into the sessions a combination of Core Energetics, Mindfulness, Expressive Arts Therapy, and Psychodynamic talk therapy.

Core Energetics, a major modality of change, is a somatic therapy involving movement, breath work, visualization, and touch. We aim to awaken suppressed feelings, uncover energy that is dormant, and use physical processes to move that stuck energy. We don’t just talk about the issues, we move the energy that has us stuck in certain patterns. This frees you up to explore the issues from a different perspective. Click here for more information

My process is to bring awareness to how you unconsciously block your energy and recreate childhood defense patterns that affect your relationships, your work, and your self-worth. Together, we work to unblock your defenses, move the stuck energy to create healthy flow and to transform the negative, distorted emotions from the Core.

Learning to experience and express yourself through body, breath, and creativity can penetrate the mask that we all create to protect ourselves in the world. When we can access the fullness of our Selves then the Core Self is experienced as whole, loving, joyful and connected.

Embodied  Mindfulness

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