Signature Experiences

There are a number of signature ways to work with Cynthia
which can be an addendum to therapy or a separate enriching experience.

A Signature Day

This is a day long healing experience that is curated just for you and your unique needs or for a small group. Cynthia combines all of her tools and knowledge to create a day of healing and transformation. Many modalities are used such as Core Energetics, Expressive Arts Therapy, Visualizations, Guided Journaling, Ritual, Guided Meditations, Breath Work, SoulCollage® as well as Dance and Movement.

Signature Days can be used to move through and/or heal from

a) life transitions (moving, graduating, birthdays, retirement, etc)
b) wounding from the past
c) a life crisis
d) an area in your life that feels stuck
e) a toxic relationship
f) defining your “next step” in life

The “Healing Through Movement” Experience

This is a one-on-one session of Cynthia’s signature “Healing Through Movement” group experience. It is a highly personalized session created to help guide and move you through deep emotions that need healing in your life such as Grief, Rage, Fear and maybe even Joy. This is truly Emotion in Motion!
You will move your body and into your own deep rhythms, as we help shift your energy and change what is stuck in your life…
This is a powerful way to claim and embody what you need to fully express, move through and let go of.

“Healing Through Movement” gives us the opportunity to dive into places that we don’t always allow ourselves. As women, we are deeply felt creatures but we often don’t express our full range of emotions for fear of being “too big” or “hurting someone’s feelings”, etc. This movement experience is a safe container created with the express intention of witnessing, honoring and allowing the emergence of our own inner rhythms. Within this, we create support for each other to claim our power and truth as we help each other shift our energy and create change… individually and globally.

The SoulCollage Experience

This Signature experience can be used as
a) an Individual session
b) a small group workshop
c) a party for significant events (birthdays, life transitions, etc)

SoulCollage® is an intuitive expressive arts process of self-discovery. It uses the art form of collage to illuminate all facets of our unique lives. During the SoulCollage® process we create cards using images we are drawn to. These become cards that have deep personal meaning and can be used to access our inner wisdom.
Each one of us is a collage of personalities, roles, concerns, dreams, challenges and experiences, both past and present. SoulCollage® is a creative tool which helps us gain greater clarity and connectedness to our Selves.
Let your creativity guide you within…. and allow yourself the adventure, playfulness, fun and nourishment of this process!
No artistic experience necessary, just an open, curious and adventurous mind!

Embodied  Mindfulness

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